A celestial nature?

Many may have seen a typical Astrological natal chart. A wheel of 360 degrees, heaven’s clock whose arms are the celestial bodies with which we share a sun.

Astrology suggests that the planets and nodes have an influence on one’s nature, character and destiny.

It is a tool for self-understanding, aligning human patterns with cosmic ones, maybe helping to break them.  

This project offers you the chance to visualize it otherwise. As portrait or caricature, scene or scenario, map or object. 

As above, so below

“I don’t really believe in it.”

No-one does.

Meditating on the shape of the cosmos is not an act of believing but of poetry. An artform as old as agriculture, a tool as old as prayer. It is in us all to look up at the night sky and wonder. Humiliated before its majesty, trapped by its turning.

The astronomer and astrologer both ask: “who am I? and what am I doing here?” By casting our eyes outwards to the void we take the leap inward, we narrate a scene in which we are each as unique as a fingerprint, yet an insignificant stitch in a greater design.

The subject is temporarily unburdened of the unbearable responsibility of their free-will, the unstoppable gears of heaven grind out a lullaby which incants; everything happens for a reason, there is an order within the chaos, a pattern will emerge with some distance.

Submit, for a moment, to the greater cycles of time. You are but a tick in the great clockwork, yet all of creation conspired to make you, your birth is a landmark in the history of the universe. It is a story you can choose to tell of yourself, performed on the grandest stage of all, the dome of heaven.

You may not have written the whole play yourself, but you can take comfort knowing that it is, after all, a work of art.

Where can I see my chart?

There are many websites that offer free natal chart services, and provide a basic interpretation

We can take care of this for you. contact

info@theskywithin.me telling us with your inquiry or commission the following information:

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