The Sky Within

What is “The Sky Within”?

 A portrait of your celestial nature

your astrological birth chart – illustrated

“Who am I?”

Most people are aware of their “Zodiac” sign which is supposed to govern their personality. This would imply there are only 12 types of person.  A closer look at the sky reveals a complex interplay of forces, giving rise to souls as myriad as the stars.


Your Natal Chart, Illustrated

A personal map of sky at the moment of your birth. Designed by our artists to incorporate every aspect of of your birth chart. 

all works are delivered with a detailed explanation of the mysteries your stars hold. 

Our Services

Our main service is to visualize your astrological natal chart as a work of art.  Styles and themes can be requested, or you can let our artists interpret freely.

These can be done as physical sketches, graphic design works, or highly detailed digital paintings.